Things to consider when choosing your reception

Choosing a venue shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do for a couple that has been able to agree upon all the other sorts of things. You have probably already chosen your cake baker and a particular flavour, photographer, your hair dresser/saloon, your rental cars’ service provider and wearing material from Mikolo’s ( long lists of vendors for these products and services.

Now you turn the attention to choosing a suitable venue for your reception. Here are some of the things that you should consider when choosing your reception.

First and foremost, you need to consider the distance between your ceremony area and the reception. It would be so inappropriate if you are wedding at Rubaga Cathedral and then the reception is a beautiful gardens in Jinja. Your guests may be compelled to snub the event.

Secondly, the number of guest you intend to invite. It’s very unlogical to rent a place that can accommodate 1000+ when your guest list is less than half of that number.

Parking space; I have seen quite a big number of venues with little or no packing space. At the end of the day, they want to offer you a parking space almost a quarter or half a kilometre from the real reception. It’s not convenient for both security reasons and for your guests. In relation to the above, security is another very key factor that you need to consider. The place must have good security.

Washrooms; it’s one of those very vital pieces of a venue’s puzzle that many forget to inquire about or put a keen eye on. Unfortunately, they come remember of it when it’s too late sometimes. When the decision has already been made and probably a deposit has been paid, only to find that the washrooms are in a very sorry state. For nature’s calls, a good venue must have good and ever clean toilets.

Catering services; some venues especially the indoor kinds normally also provide catering services. If your venue providers are going to also be in charge of the catering services, it’s always best to have a look at their menus and make the best choices for you guests.

Payment; at most venues, they will ask for a down payment of about 50-75% of the total charges for assurances that your booking isn’t a hoax. The balance of that fee will also be expected before the D-day. It’s one of those things you would want to clear early enough to avoid inconveniences and worst case scenario starving your guests.

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