The Must Have Items For An Adventurous Couple On A Honeymoon.

Couples have different ideas when it comes to planning their honeymoon, some people may prefer it low key and quiet say spend more time in hotel rooms indulging in indoor activities such as playing cards, sleeping and cuddling, listening to music and enjoying room service.

For some couples, they love adventure and for that reason, they may get involved in activities such as mountain climbing, sight-seeing, riding bicycles, playing and running on the beach. Such couples have to prepare adequately in order to have the best memories of their time and for that to happen, they must carry the following items that will come in handy during the beautiful honeymoon period.

Water, make sure you carry some water in bottles as you embark on your journey. Activities such as mountain climbing can be exhausting and eventually you may find yourself thirsty so it’s better to carry water to avoid dehydration.

Wet wipes. These are important for when you feel hot or sweaty and need to clean up, it’s always important to carry wet wipes in your bag.

Tissues or handkerchiefs. These are important for wiping sweat on your face or blowing your nose after long hours of walking because it’s logical that you could be in a country with high temperatures.

Sunglasses and a hat. These are also necessary on a hot day whether you decide to go for a walk or do some sun bathing by the poolside.

Jacket or raincoat. The weather could be unpredictable so it’s always important to be ready than to be caught unaware so ensure to carry a jacket incase the weather changes and you feel cold or rain falls and finds you outdoors, you wouldn’t want the weather to spoil the good times.

Camera. It’s your honeymoon and you are creating memories so a camera shouldn’t miss among your items as you may want to capture the beautiful moments of the times you spent together in a place you may probably be visiting for a first time. Ensure to carry a spare battery just in case the one in the battery runs out or power bank to charge your batteries and have all the memories you want without excuses.

Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer. This helps to keep your hands clean and also get rid of germs that could be picked throughout the day as you may meet different people and probably shake hands or touch different things along the way like a mountain or sand on the beach, anything that you come in touch with during the day could spread germs so a hand sanitizer is a necessity on such occasions.

Snacks can also be carried during the adventure in case you get hungry in a place where foodstuffs may be far or unavailable, any sort of movement during the day can bring out hunger so it’s better to carry small snacks such as biscuits, chocolates, and sweets even sodas just to keep hunger at bay.

Mini first aid kit in case of minor accidents like cuts or scratches during hiking, splitting headaches may also occur so it’s always better to be prepared for whatever may come your way.

Map for directions for those who know how to read them, this can be helpful in finding the places you would love to visit during your honeymoon.

Sunscreen to protect your skin from the scorching sunshine while you have a good time.

These items can be carried in a backpack by the couple as it’s very important to be safe than sorry and that’s why I recommend them for couples planning to have an outdoor vacation. 



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