5 Things Brides Should NEVER Say to Their Bridesmaids

While most women don't mean to come off as catty, rude or passive aggressive, sometimes the stress of it all gets taken out on those closest to them, AKA their bridesmaids. So before you let something slip to your BFF that you'll later regret, take a peek at this list and check yourself.

1. Well, if you were really my friend you'd find a way.
Ugh, this one reeks of passive aggressiveness! No matter what context it's used in, don't let this phrase come out of your mouth during wedding planning. For example, say your pregnant friend can't make it to your bachelorette party in Mexico, we're pretty sure she's not bailing out because you aren't "friends". Or if a bridesmaid can't make it to your dress fitting due to a work commitment, cut her some slack. As long as it's not a continuous pattern throughout the process, there's no need to guilt trip your bridesmaid. In all honesty, she probably already feels bad.

2. What could be more important than my wedding?
Yes brides, your friends have lives of their own too, and maybe there is something that truly is more important than prepping for your big day and for that reason they won't be able to attend some of the festivities or DIY activities you have planned. So take a deep breath and hear them out first. Then try to put yourself in their shoes and understand. You'll score major points in the friend department, which honestly, is the most important thing in the long run.

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3. You think that's stressful? Try planning a wedding!
So many brides are guilty of this one, and they don't even realize it. Yes, planning a wedding is really stressful, we get that, but using it as an excuse to make light of or one-up your bridesmaids' stresses is seriously not cool so watch what you say, brides.

4. You're working out, right?
Unless you're like, the ultimate bridezilla, you're probably not going to straight up tell your girls to lose some weight or else. But even dropping subtle hints, such as they need to join/go to the gym, can be, well, super annoying! So don't do it. But, if you're looking for some company in sweating for the wedding, try inviting your gal pals to accompany you on hikes, try out rock climbing or even an aerial yoga or pole dancing class. Something fun and different is always a great way to bond and get your sweat on at the same time.

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5. You're really ordering a burger? Maybe you should go for the salad instead…
Again, just because you're on a crazy wedding diet (no judgment here) doesn't mean you have to get all Judge Judy on your bridesmaids about what they eat. One burger isn't going to kill them, but telling them to order the salad might make them want to kill you. So zip it!



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