10 Things You Learn About Yourself Through Wedding Planning

It'll highlight your strengths and make you painfully aware of your weaknesses. You'll find out just how patient you really are and whether or not you have knack for DIY projects (spoiler alert: most of us don't). From personality traits to bad habits, here are 10 things planning a wedding will teach you about yourself.

1. You actually don't care what people think. 
Even though you're constantly asking for their opinions on everything from the dress to the dinner menu. You can't help yourself! Secretly (or not so secretly), you're simply seeking validation of your own ideas. And if they don't agree with you? Well, eff them! Kidding…kind of.

2. And you're like, really indecisive. 
So many decisions to make! What caterer to pick. Do you want a live band or a DJ? How many people should you invite? Do your single bridesmaids automatically get a plus one? Will you have a specific color scheme or not? Turns out, Pinterest is a deep, dark rabbit hole of ideas, ah!

3. But super duper organized, or uh, not at all. 
If there's one thing wedding planning will shine a spotlight on, it's you're organizational skills. You've either got 'em or you don't. Hmm, maybe you should have hired a wedding planner after all?

4. You're a total perfectionist. 
You only have one chance (knock on wood) to get this right! And you won't settle for anything less than perfect when it comes to your big day. Memories may fade, but pictures last forever, duh.

5. And you're also a huge worrywart. 
You can't help but imagine the worst possible scenario! What if the DJ doesn't show, and your dress isn't ready in time? OMG, what if your fiancé actually ditches you at the altar? That would be so embarrassing/awful! As hard as you try to push the negative thoughts out of your mind, come to find out you're just a natural worrier. Who knew?

6. Apparently, patience is not your virtue. 
Go figure! You absolutely can't wait until the wedding and are literally counting down the days until you finally get to say, "I do!" to the love of your life. But why oh why does time seem to be dragging by soooo slow!? Good thing you've got plenty to plan, otherwise it would be total torture.

7. Your communication skills could use some work. 
Turns out, your fiancé, wedding planner, family and friends aren't all mind readers. While you already knew this, planning a wedding only made it more obvious that you've got some serious work to do in the whole communications area. But hey, don't we all?

8. You tend to procrastinate. 
Unless you're that rare breed of a bride that's so on top of things, you're probably putting off a wedding task as we write this. From figuring out the seating chart to mustering up the energy to actually write those thank you notes, wedding planning can be so overwhelming that procrastination seems like the best and only solution in the moment. Note to all brides: it's not!

9. You're creative… but terrible at DIY projects. 
Thanks for nothing, Pinterest! Despite your most valiant efforts, your handmade invitations and tassel backdrop looked nothing like the pictures in the tutorial you attempted to recreate, ugh.

10. You love your fiancé to pieces. 
Thank goodness someone's stayed sane and been your rock throughout this whole process. He's dealt with your occasional bridezilla-ness, helped calm you down when you got super stressed out and done his best to be actively involved the best way he knows how (even if you wound up doing most of the work). Oh, men…can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em!



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