Bad Pictures Paint The Wrong Image About Your Ceremonies, Choose The Best Photographers

Two weeks ago, I and a friend Matthew visited one of his friends called Michael in a Kampala suburb of Makindye. A married friend who with his wife treated us to a sumptuous meal accompanied with crisp orange juice. Delicious!!!!!

After lunch, the couple brought us their family album for a light moment of company. While it was going to be pictorial story for me, it was time to take a walk down the memory lane for Matthew and the couple. He (Matthew) had been his friend’s best man on their wedding; they are that close.

When we flipped to the first few pages of the album…OMG…I didn’t have expectations but I must say I was a little disappointed. Their introduction and wedding photos looked like passport photos from the 80s, but they had been taken in 2010.

It was very clear that they definitely chose the wrong service provider to cover their ceremonies. The most unfortunate part is that they cannot go back in time and change that or redo the ceremonies and get a better service that is worth their money.

Photography is a very important part of life that always helps us to walk down the memory lane. Your event photos are something that will be viewed by many friends and family for generations. If they are bad, they really paint a very poor picture of what your introduction or wedding was.

Therefore, I implore to be very cautious as you choose your service provider for photography and video coverage. Good pictures will always provide a good walk down the memory lane and exhibit a clear image of what really that day.

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