Don’t communicate to your partner through public social media

Every time the government shuts down social media platforms especially Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, Ugandans roar like hungry lions. Not because they cannot do away without it but because of the very important roles they play in society in providing news, educative information, connecting people in daily work and business, and more essentially employ so many people in this ever growing information age.

However, despite all the above mentioned and the many left out importances of these platforms, I cannot help it notice that so many people have misused these platforms. Perhaps not in a violent manner but in a way that under mines their daily personal lives and relationships.

In fact; “Relationships are harder now days because conversations become texting, arguments become phone calls, and feelings become status updates on social media. Texting shouldn’t be a substitute for a call because an attractive voice can stimulate senses that set tone for the night,” a quote I pick from my first book entitled ‘Tales of Love and Relationships’ that will soon be hitting the market.

Many people out there post their feelings in a manner or a way of sending a message to their intimate partners which I think is very wrong. Your WhatsApp status should be personal but it’s leaving endless echoes of messages filled with passion and emotion all over the place.

Your Facebook wall/timeline and Twitter handle are filled with posts of all sorts of heartfelt writings that are sending clear and often unclear messages to your partner. What you’re doing is actually very wrong. It’s a very poor and aloof relationship communication discipline.

Having any differences, mixed feelings about a situation, disagreements or any wish to cause change in your partner is a very normal thing in a relationship or marriage. However, it’s also a private matter between two people that shouldn’t be publicized.

With that in mind, I therefore strongly suggest that you communicate to them personally in a one-on-one manner but not through timeline posts and tweets or message sending WhatsApp statuses that rise questions to even the non-concerned parties.

Save your partner the burden of having a curious mind about every post you throw on your timeline, thinking that there is a hidden or encrypted sort of message or feeling you’re trying to communicate to them. Don’t let the public know the burning issues in your relationship kitchen because not everyone wishes you well.

Communication fuels a relationship to move on smoothly but a poor way of communicating to your mate could be another slow death poison you’re feeding your marriage on.

Robert K James



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