2016 Worlds Wedding Hair Trends

The bride’s hair is very important to complete her wedding look, and many brides spend hours searching and experimenting to find the perfect style. Some hairstyles, like an elegant updo, are timeless and beautiful, but today we’re looking at what we think could be the most popular 2016 wedding hair trends.

1) Natural

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Wearing their hair loose and unadorned is a growing favourite trend amongst brides seeking a natural and somewhat bohemian look. Great for any hair length, this look is very simple and very low-maintenance.

2) Tussled

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Similar to the above natural style, a tussled or “messy chic” wedding hairstyle is coveted for its effortless but no less striking bridal look. Fitting perfectly with hairstyles up or down, it’s great for brides who want a classic yet casual finishing touch.

3) Plaits

Wedding Hairstyle with Braids | theweddingwolf.com

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Plaits and braids have been making a comeback for the last few years and, again, work themselves well into a bohemian-themed wedding or even a sunlit summer wedding on the beach. They’re casual and beautiful and can be twisted into any hairstyle—buns, long flowing tresses, updos, etc.

4) Flowers

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The go-to for the nature-loving bride in the spring and summer months, flowers in the hair look gorgeous. It’s been common practise for years to see flower crowns and flower accessories, but in 2016 we’ll be seeing more “floating flowers”—small blooms dotted across the hair.

5) Statement Accessories

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Jewelled accessories like tiaras are a classic bridal accessory, but in 2016 this will be taken up a notch with big statement accessories like crowns or headdresses. They’re perfect for the bride who wants to stand out.

6) Hollywood Glam

Hollywood Glamour Hairstyles  -Uganda Wedings

Glamorous weddings grow increasingly popular, so the glitz and glam of Hollywood will shine through more than ever in 2016. Soft waves brushed to the side, and sometimes the addition of a sparkling accessory, brings all the charm of the silver screen to your big day.




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