How To Buy The Perfect Wedding Gown


The wedding dress is the most important item on the to do list of a bride to be and every bride wants to look spectacular on their big day, here are some of dos and don’ts every bride should take into consideration when shopping for a wedding dress.

1. Don’t schedule your wedding dress appointment late in the day.

The early bride gets an energetic, fresh bridal store staff that hasn’t dealt with the concerns of a million clients already. If you get the first appointment in the morning, the store will likely be less crowded and you will get the full attention of your consultant.

2. Do focus on finding the best wedding dress silhouette for you.

Details are important, a long row of teensy pearl buttons and a well-placed ruffle or two can mean the difference between a good wedding dress and a great one. But before you start picking the details, first figure out the silhouette that works best for you, try not to get caught up in the trend of the moment, but instead focus on your personal style and what flatters you most.

3. Don’t forget about the top of your wedding dress.

A long gorgeous wedding dress with a hem is to die for. Just remember that the top of your dress is what people will notice most, and what will show up in most wedding photos that guests take of you are from waist up.

4. Don’t pick a wedding dress just because it’s trendy now.

Trendy wedding dresses won’t necessarily stand the test of time, flip through your parents wedding albums for evidence of that, ‘a gown should be timeless’. When you feel sexy and glamorous in a gown that has both modern and traditional elements, and you feel like a better version of yourself when you are wearing it, you have found your timeless gown. It’s something that will never go out of style.

5. Do bring your camera when shopping for the wedding dress (if the bridal show allows it).

Embrace your inner clueless character and photograph your dress possibilities instead of putting all your trust in the mirror. ‘Mirrors are used to sell dresses, cameras don’t lie’. Because you will be looking at the photos of this dress for years to come, know how it photographs from all angles.

6. Do try as many wedding dresses as you need to.

Almost any dress can look gorgeous or terrible on a hanger. Resist snap judgment, once a dress is on a woman’s body, it takes on a different shape and look. This means that a bride will try on many dresses and she should be able to pick the right one.

7. Don’t try on too many wedding dresses.

In as much as you should try many dresses, you shouldn’t feel forced to try on more or fewer gowns that you want, you can suffer wedding dress overload and total panic. If you feel like you must try on twenty different dresses from every bridal shop you visit, too many choices and too many places can add stress and confusion. Go with your gut and pick the dress you love and avoid stress.

8. Don’t feel like you must bring an audience when you try on wedding dresses.

Wedding TV shows make it look like you must bring every one of your female relatives, your neighbor and kindergarten teacher with you to help with the dress search. You don’t need to have very many people because with too many opinions and thoughts, it becomes negative as you fail to make a good decision. You can either go alone and pick what you find great on you or at least take one friend,prefereably your maid of honor as taking many people can become stressful.

9. Do wear a gorgeous bra when trying on wedding dresses.

On wedding dress try on day, you are going to be spending a lot of time in your skivvies. Admiring your pretty new bra between gowns will make you feel much more positive than catching a glimpse of the ratty old gray one you have had for years. Plus a well-fitting bra can actually help in your search. ‘Some women don’t realize the power of having well fitted undergarments’. Go to a department store that has a bra fit specialist or a lingerie shop, and get fitted for a new bra. You are going to be wearing a gorgeous dress on your wedding day, so there is no excuse for wearing the bra you have had since college.

10. Don’t freak out about wedding dress sizing.

Bridal gowns run two or three size larger than your regular size. Once you get your head around that, be realistic, pay attention to how it looks not what the label reads.

11. Don’t forget that all wedding dresses and accessory sales are usually fine.

There is always pressure when shopping for your dress so it’s a realistic reminder that you should stay serious in your search for your wedding dress and accessories, you may buy something on impulse only to realize it doesn’t fit or match your gown and this will bring about last minute stress.

12. Do ask lots of questions while trying on wedding dresses.

You should ask questions of the boutique owner and staff, but also of yourself. You should ask yourself a few questions to make sure the dress the dress you love not only makes you feel spectacular but also works for the activities of the day, make sure you the answers to such questions, ‘Do I feel beautiful, confident and comfortable? ’Am I self-conscious about any part of my body in my dress?’, ‘Can I dance in it? ’Can I sit down? ‘Although a gown maybe gorgeous, if you can’t move in it all night and feel trapped mummy style, it’s not the right one for you.



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