Questions Men Should Never Ask A Woman

Just like there are questions women should never ask men, the same goes for men when it comes to relationship issues and here are some of the questions men should never ask women ever if they want the relationship to work out because we get pissed and when we do, there is no turning back.

1.’How many men have you been with?’

Don’t ask how many men have you been with?

Just like she should not ask how many girls you have been with, you should never never ask her how many men she has slept with, the reason you shouldn’t ask this question is because you don’t want to doesn’t matter if the number is high or low depending on what you find acceptable. There is nothing to be gained from knowing how many men she has slept with, the only thing it will change is how you feel about her, if the number is too high, you will think she is too loose and if the number is too low you may think there is something wrong so it’s always safe not to ask.

Instead ask how many long term relationships have you been in and depending on the answer you get, you can figure out how many guys she has been with.

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2.’Do you want to come back to my place?’

Don’t ask that question directly because it may send a wrong signal since it makes a girl think of nothing but another moment for sex with you and this could spoil a night that had been incredibly fantastic.

Instead say, ‘I don’t feel like this night should end here’. This may work for two reasons because it’s not a direct question that requires an answer. The other reason is such a statement gives her the opportunity to suggest another night like that or invite you to her own place for the next date. Either way she decides without feeling pressured.

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3. You should meet my family.

Meeting a guy’s family is a huge deal for women, it can often make or break a relationship depending on how your family is, and women view that moment as a huge step in the relationship. It’s a huge step and one that guys don’t necessarily understand its importance because they tend to do it more often than women. Men introduce a romantic partner to their family not because they are ready but because they want their family to stop asking about a woman they are dating. Men even introduce their casual hook ups to their parents and siblings simply because they tend to be dumb sometimes.

First make sure you are bringing everyone together for the right reasons then you can ask her this,


‘Would you like to meet my family? ‘She should meet your family when you are both ready, just because you are ready doesn’t mean she is also ready. Proposing it as question means you are ready for her to meet your family but she has the option of saying yes or no based on her own feelings.

4.’Was that good for you?’

Asking your partner how was that right after sex is a bad idea. Asking that question is so wrong because even if you are the worst lover in the world, she will lie to you and say yes and this time she will lie with words and not fake moans and groans.

Instead say, ‘that was amazing’

If you want to know how you did, without asking bluntly, tell her how good she was in bed, she will have to respond in some way but at least she won’t have to lie.

5.’You look awful in that outfit’.

Men usually complain about the amount of time a woman usually spends getting ready. It’s not as if she is running around in circles and then five minutes before time to leave she starts putting herself together, looking good takes time and women spend a good portion of that time in preparation, from picking the clothes and shoes, to the color of her hair and nails. Even the best of preparation doesn’t ensure she will be happy with the result, so saying she looks bad in an outfit shows zero consideration.

Instead say, ‘I just don’t like that outfit.’

If you must voice your displeasure in her appearance, it’s best to blame the outfit and not the person underneath. If you don’t like the way she looks in a dress, make it about the faults of the material or make the critic with a compliment so it doesn’t sound like she is the unattractive piece in the puzzle such as ‘I don’t think the color works with your skin tone. ‘It’s a softer way of putting down her clothing choices.

6.’Are you putting on weight?’

This one explains itself because if she has put on weight then she is very much aware of it and the last thing she needs is her boyfriend reminding her.

Instead say, ‘let’s be more active with our lives and keep fit.’

If you believe she is putting on weight, then your ultimate goal is for her to eat better and exercise. Instead of you letting her know that she is bigger, shift the focus to committing to being healthier together since it will be beneficial for the both of you.

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7. I don’t like your friends.

It happens you may not like her friends and its common she may also not like your friends but may not say it out directly. Unless her friends are bad influence or aiming at destroying your relationship, then there is nothing you can do about her friends.

Instead say, we should meet some new people. Most couples are friends with other couples and they hang out regularly, those couples often split up where the women become close and so do the men and this might be the solution to your issue with her friends. She makes new friends and spends less time with the old crew.

8.’My ex-girlfriend used to do this in bed. Can you do it?’

Everyone has got sexual fetishes and fatancies.There is no reason not to express those to your sexual partners. A guy should never say this to his current lover that his former lover did a certain thing, it turned him on, and therefore he wants her to start doing it.nothing kills the mood faster than making her think about your ex-girlfriend.

Instead say, ‘Let’s try this tonight’

There is never any reason to mention your ex unless you are asked a specific question about 



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