How Good Is A Circumcised Guy In Bed

Circumcision is one of the most hotly debated sexual health issues across the globe. Circumcision is a surgical procedure that involves removal of the foreskin on the penis, and after some research about the issue, some of the findings include the following; Read Related Article : Sex Talk Realness: Circumcised Penises vs. Uncircumcised Penises

1. Sensitivity;

It’s believed that circumcision doesn’t affect sexual male drive or functioning.

2. Risk infection;

When a guy is uncircumcised, moisture can get trapped between his penis and his foreskin creating the ideal environment for bacteria to incubate. Female sex partners of uncircumcised men are at an increased risk of bacterial infections since guys are more likely to pass infections such as yeast infections, STDS and HIV/AIDS.

3. Cleanliness;

Women feel safe with a cleaner guy and they always feel a difference when their men circumcise since they feel that the risk of acquiring infections is reduced.

4. Pleasure;

Other people think and believe that sex with a circumcised guy hurts like hell as they feel the penis gets larger while others feel sex with a circumcised guy is the best.

5. Pain;

Women with circumcised partners are three times more likely to experience sexual pain during intercourse than ladies with uncircumcised spouses. This is especially common among women who don’t lubricate well and since it may cause discomfort unlike women whose men are uncircumcised.

Circumcision is a common practice in most parts of Africa and in Uganda inclusive, reasons for circumcision may differ according to different reasons such as religion and culture. Among the Bagisu of eastern Uganda, circumcision is a must for all males in order to be considered real men, men who are not circumcised are looked at as women so for them to feel like men, they have to circumcise and this is usually done when they are adults.

The moslem community also takes circumcision seriously as all new born males have to be circumcised as infants according to what the religion believes in.

In Tanzania all new born baby boys get circumcised at the hospital before they return home.

Today some males deliberately go for circumcision as most hospitals promote it for medical reasons such as reducing the risk of infections such as HIV/AIDS and other STDS, general cleanliness of the penis to avoid bacterial infections.

Among women circumcision is more talked about in terms of how it improves the sex life among other factors, after consulting with most of my female friends, its clear most girls prefer the circumcised guys to the uncircumcised guy, reasons being;

The circumcised guy is clean and there is a reduced chance of contracting sexually transmitted infections, the circumcised guy takes long to finish since no girl wants a two minute guy during sex.Its easier to caress him and give orals for those who love it so much.

In short most people prefer circumcised men to uncircumcised according to my friends who are more experienced in that department of sex.

My friends also noted that sex with a guy be it circumcised or uncircumcised can be good depending on the guy and how good he is at his game, it’s all about the guy and how he works his magic, though in general, the girls prefer the circumcised guy.

Circumcised guys are not all rosy after all since they are believed to be more aggressive and the fact that they take long to finish and in the process it may hurt the girl hence causing pain that eventually kills the pleasure leaving the girl angry instead of excited.

In conclusion circumcised men have both advantages and disadvantages given the experiences from my friends.

In some parts of the world such as Europe and the USA, circumcision is not really a big deal like it is in Africa, most of the women claim to love it natural with the foreskin as they believe being with a circumcised guy is as good as using a condom or being worked with a hard broom, they also love the feeling of that foreskin since it increases their pleasure.

After this discovery I would conclude that it’s all about the guy whether he is circumcised or not and well he knows how to please his woman.

About cleanliness uncircumcised guys usually take the extra effort to make it clean at all times, and just like some women love orals with circumcised guys others love it with the skin on depending on different tastes and preferences.

The risk of transmitting sexually transmitted infections may be low with circumcised guys but it’s no guarantee that diseases cannot spread regardless.



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