A Perfect Guide On How To Plan For Your Wedding

Planning for your wedding starts right after he has popped the big question and you have the engagement ring to show off, here is a guideline on how to plan for the big day. You need anything to do with weddings visit our service providers section Find All Great Ugandan  Service Providers Here

1. Make the announcement;

Due to that excitement of being engaged, someone may have dilemma on who to tell first though most people prefer to let their parents know firsthand then spread the news to their friends who eventually congratulate them.

2. Talk about your dream wedding with your fiancé;

Discuss the kind of wedding you have always dreamed of having, will it be in a church, at the beach, at the peak of the mountain in your village or in the city without talking about money issues.

3. Discuss the appropriate time to wed;

It’s not exactly about setting the date but discussing things like what day, though most people wed on Fridays and Saturdays, what month, will be a January wedding,mid-year wedding or December wedding so that you know how much time you will have to organize everything.

4. Discuss the guest list with your fiancé and parents on both sides;

Discuss and decide on the number of guests while having it in mind that the cost of everything may go up with time due to the constant changes in the market.

5. Talk about money;

Discuss how you will raise the money for your wedding by discussing the issue with both families and close friends.

6. Get organized;

Buy a note book and start writing down your budget with estimates of how much you home to spend on different items and take note of your expenditure as it may help you figure out ways to cut costs.

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Ceremony, where and who will officiate the occasion.

Finding an official and ceremony site may not be so hard especially because most people decide to marry in their churches and in this case talking to the priests or pastors is not so hard as long as the couple follows the necessary procedures required by the church.  Find All Great Ugandan Venue Here

This is normally a place/church where both families of the bride and groom agree to.

And for those planning destination weddings, (weddings out of town or out of the country), make sure that everyone you want to join you and your groom can afford to travel and is able to make it.

Reception venue.

Once again your dreams should come out here but ensure that they are realistic and can be met. Perhaps you dreamed of an outdoor venue like in gardens or parks that is fine. If you can’t find the right gardens or are discouraged by weather issues you can always opt for a hotel, home or any nice place that you can afford and this can be achieved by reading wedding magazines  and websites so that you are able to find the best venue for your reception.

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1. Photographer and videographer.

The best ones usually book weddings many months in advance, so the earlier you get one the better. Ask for recommendations from friends and family then research about what kind of work you will want them to do.is it formal portraits, dancing shots or candid journalistic formats. Always ask for their albums so that you get to know about their previous works before making a decision. Find All Great Ugandan Photographers Here

2. Musician.

Hiring musicians to perform on your wedding is a trend these days with most couples hiring their favorite musicians to sing for them on their big day. Make sure they agree to stick to the playlist you give them based on the songs you love, find out little details on how they will dress, how many songs they are willing to perform and how many breaks they will take if needed. Or you can always stick to djs who may be cheaper in most cases.  Find All Great Ugandan Musician Here

3. Flowers and décor.

This is after deciding your reception venue, you decide on the table arrangements and other decorations. Depending on the flowers and the arrangements you want, ask a friend or a hired florist to make the magic work in arranging the flowers on tables and the reception venue.

4. Caterer.

You need to know the kind of dishes to be served and it’s even better to taste them. Discuss with the caterer the menu and prices and don’t be afraid to bargain, you can cut costs by limiting the number of dishes to be served.Find All Great Ugandan Caterers Here

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The bridesmaids are very important to the bride on the wedding since they can be of help at the reception but one needs to have some tips before choosing their attendants and this include the following;

Explain to the prospective bridesmaids what the role requires of them like planning the shower and paying for their attire.

Tell each one of them that they will have to commit a certain amount of time and energy and if they can’t commit to that it’s fine for them to decline earlier on.

Choose the bridesmaids depending on the number you want, it could be six, eight or fourteen bridesmaids.

Make your closest friend or relative to be your maid of honor.

Include female relatives of the groom among the bridesmaids, it’s a diplomatic move that can only strengthen relations between the two families since in most cases the bridesmaids are friends and sisters to the bride.

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Erase the emotion;

If you were the girl who pinned towels in her hair to play bride, you may need extra help with this step. Pulling the emotion and remaining level headed as you shop for your dress will help you stay within the bounds of both budget and practicality. If it helps bring your and an experienced friend along with you.

Know what kind of shopper you are;

Some brides relish the hunt for the ideal dress, and happily book a number of appointments at bridal shops. They like having a salesperson who offers ideas and selects good styles for them. Others would love to enter and find a dress hanging there on the rack. Both ways are possible. Decide which kind of shopper and work accordingly.

Be decided and avoid second guessing yourself. Pick the dress you love and look no further but instead relax and wait for your day.

Try to find a wedding dress that is acceptable by your church and is considered decent, start shopping when you are ready and don’t forget to have your guy rent or buy formal wear for himself and his groomsmen.


No matter what your wedding budget maybe, the reception and honeymoon usually take a bigger chunk of the money while the rest like photography and videography, wedding attire, engagement rings and wedding bands,flowers,music,invitation cards may not cost as much.

Wedding budgets have a way of expanding with unexpected expenses that may show up but there are other ways of reducing that expenditure. Find All Great Ugandan Wedding Planers Here

1. Borrow;

Instead of spending a fortune on a beautiful tiara, veil or jewelry, you can always borrow from friends that own such items and there is no need to buy new suitcases for the honeymoon if you have good ones at home.

2. Use other peoples skills;

If you have friends who can sew, let them create a veil for you and work on those little details to your wedding gown. A friend with skills in art can also help in creating wonderful invitation cards for you and also help in creating an album for you, this could be their contribution to your wedding.

3. Buy your own drinks;

Some people may want to have open bars at their wedding but instead of spending much on such, buy your drinks at a reduced cost for your guests, for instance beers, wines and sodas can do the trick.

4. Limit the limos;

Most people would love to have several limos at their weddings to keep up appearances but why spend a fortune on that if your best friend or brother can drive you and your bride to your reception.

5. Don’t overdo it with the flowers;

Buy some flowers in wholesale and give them to a florist to work with or create centerpieces that use candles and just a few blooms because this can be achieved with just few flowers.

6. Avoid impulsive buying;

If you have got everything on your list, then stop shopping instead of buying more items unnecessarily simply because they look good and match with your changing dress.


Don’t invite the whole office, you can invite your boss and closest friends at work or no one at all depending on what you feel is fine with you.

Don’t look for old friends who haven’t been in touch with you for years. Stick to your current friends that you see regularly since they are the closest at the moment.

Talk to your parents to avoid inviting all their friends from church, social circles and even all their neighbors.


This should be sent at least two months before the wedding so make sure they are ready in time. These cards usually announce the hosts of the wedding, in most cases the couple’s names and those of their parents. The card includes the site location of the ceremony and reception and also the time and day of the event.



As you prepare for your wedding and all the stress that comes along the way, don’t forget to take care of yourself and you should have a plan to keep you ready for your day.

1. Exercise regularly and keep to a healthy diet.

Most brides do some exercises and stay healthy in order to look great and fit in their gowns as they hoped and dreamed of and for that matter it’s good to stay healthy.

2. Get plenty of sleep, at least eight hours of sleep everyday are good especially towards the wedding day as this could help in reducing the stress levels that could come up along the way.

3. Meet with your hairstylist and decide on the style that suits you best depending on what you decide for your big day.

4. Practice your make up by ensuring that you try out the make up at least a month to your big day to avoid disappointments that could occur with last minute things.




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