Things That Could Go Wrong On Your Wedding Day

Weddings are such big spectacles that require so much planning and preparations since every bride dreams of a perfect wedding and because of that, people choose the best wedding planners and spend as much money as possible to make their dream a reality, not knowing that a perfect wedding is not realistic and there will always be something that goes wrong even if it’s not noticed by all the guests at the wedding. The following are some of the things that could go wrong at a wedding.

1. Disrupted schedule;

This is very common especially with church service and worse with reception timing, and this could be caused by factors such as time keeping by the bride, traffic jam on the way to church and reception venue and this is an unavoidable circumstance that occurs during wedding days and may go against the original schedule hence causing a delay in the day’s activities.

2. Clothing disasters;

This could be as a result of not constantly trying on the dress or maintaining shape and some brides find themselves in very tight dresses in case they gained a pound or large in size in case they lost so much could also be delay in delivery of the dress by the designer or shop owners which eventually make the bride super nervous due to the time that she is needed at the church, it could also be small issues like stepping on the dress by the bride herself or other persons around her eventually staining it in the process.

3. Shoe troubles;

This is quite a big challenge especially for the bride and bridesmaids. Imagine the heels of a shoe breaking during the ceremony or the bridesmaids who can’t walk comfortably in heels and also cases of tight shoes among some bridesmaids which may cause discomfort in walking and this is such a common scenario in most weddings which gets captured on camera.

4. Cosmetic issues;

This is to do with make-up issues which may be bad if the bride and her team did not try out on the products earlier on and this could end up in such a disaster for the some cases the make-up artist may turn up late or never turn up at all, others could mess up your desired hairstyle, poorly done make up may melt due to rainfall, heat or excess emotions on your big day.

5. Interior decoration hassles;

If the flowers are poorly arranged and not meeting the bride’s expectations this may make a bride a little gloomy, even the lighting in the venue has to be perfect otherwise the even won’t be as colorful as expected by the bride.

6. Music unhappiness;

This could be through a dj who doesn’t match his expectations, an inexperienced dj who messes everything up or the know it all types who end up playing the music that the couple doesn’t like on their big day instead of playing cool romantic music he plays music of the eighties what a disaster for the couple.

7. Problems to do with the food;

You make an effort to make sure your guests get the best food available only for you to be disappointed by foods that you never requested and this comes from the catering services who try to upgrade the meals but instead end up messing your menue.The cake also comes in here, it may get smashed or far from stock or not available (it happens) especially with destination weddings that require extra preparations.

8. Persons troubles;

This could result from uninvited guests or party crushers, such people bring so much commotion and trouble among the invited guests since they could end up posing as attention seekers and in the process be rude to the other people around them.

9. Conditions woes or bad weather situations;

These are issues that you can’t control and may mainly affect outdoor parties, unexpected bad weather in form of excess warmth or even thunderstorms maybe disastrous and could disrupt a beautiful ceremony hence ruining it.

10. Booking confusions;

In most cases the hotels or venue halls could be booked by several people at the same time since most weddings may take place on the same days normally on Fridays and Saturdays and so this requires constant double checking to ensure that the venue you picked will be available just for you. Sometimes the venue may offer some form of services that you are made aware of only for those services to be non-existent on that day which may leave you disappointed and stranded as well.

11. Late arrivals;

This can also be tricky due to the fact that naturally not everyone keeps time and because of this some guests may arrive very late at the venue leaving the couple and entourage waiting patiently and maybe silently angry at the same time.

12. People that can’t be trusted;

In some cases people are hired to help out on the wedding day like ushers and other responsibilities that maybe available where tasks are relegated to them and this might be a problem if such people don’t turn up on that day or turn up but fail to do their duties accordingly which will be a disappointment.

13. Unexpected illness;

Some brides may become ill on their wedding and that all can contribute to a bad day and instead of being fully happy and enjoying your moment, you instead worry about medication and stuff like that which spoils your day in a way.

In as much as everyone wants and dreams of a perfect wedding, little or big things that are unexpected may always show up and leave you with some bad memories even if they are not captured on camera so there is nothing as a perfect wedding because some things happen and are beyond our control and we have to deal with them accordingly.  



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