Step By Step Guide to Traditional Wedding Ceremony among Baganda – Okukyala

Photo by Alexander Photography  from Diana and Robert Kukyala

OKUKYALA Step by Step Guide to Traditional Wedding Ceremony among the BAGANDA In Uganda, we took time to make it easy for everyone to know – Just in case you land on Buganda beauty and you what to make the last MOVE 

1. Okukyala. (The visit)

This is the first step the couple that is intending to marry carries out. It’s where the bride to be invites the family of her husband to be to her family for first official visit as a couple intending to get married.

The families get to know each other and also discuss the plans for the actual marriage, the girls family gets to inform the groom’s family of what they are required to pay as bride price which is usually in cash and other tangible items. After the two families have agreed on what bride price should be paid, the families agree on the date when the actual marriage should take place.





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