Things You Shouldn’t Take For Granted

As cliche as it might sound, you really need to count your blessings. Far too many people focus on everything bad that happens in their lives instead of the good. Here’s a little secret: nothing is guaranteed. You can be here today and gone tomorrow.

The time has come to get back to the basics when it comes to having a grateful heart. Here are some things you shouldn’t take for granted.

Your life

“I hate my life.”

How many people are guilty of saying this? Just because things aren’t working out exactly how you’d like doesn’t mean they never will. So many people die every day that should make you count your blessings you still have breath left to accomplish your dreams.

Your job

Don’t be so quick to complain about your job. You just might find yourself standing in the unemployment line. Sure people have to deal with undesirable work environments and horrible bosses; but at the end of the day, you’re still collecting a check that helps you pay your bills and put food on the table.

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Access to resources

Please don’t misunderstand, there are tons of places across the country that don’t get a fair shake when it comes to having access to certain resources. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Compared to many parts of the world, the United States is a country full of opportunities. The struggle is definitely real, but at least we don’t have to walk for miles to collect (unsanitary) water, or deal with extreme examples of disarray.


Keep thinking you can smoke like a chimney, drink 24/7 and eat whatever you want. The cost of healthcare in this country is real and unfortunately on the rise as many don’t take very good care of themselves. Many diseases and illnesses are preventable so long as you eat healthy and exercise regularly.


No matter how annoying they get, you only have one family. Stop holding on to grudges that take years away you can never get back. Don’t wait until someone is on their death bed (or in the grave) to forgive.


Everyone’s battery needs recharging. You need to rest. Failure to get the proper amount of shut eye can affect your productivity, reaction time and even health


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Work/life balance is extremely important. While it’s great to have career ambitions, you don’t want life to pass you by — robbing you of opportunities to create memories.


In addition to talent, you should never take your passion for granted. Too many of us are “comfortably miserable” in a dead-end career or one that doesn’t give us satisfaction.


You really should count your blessings if you have a friend or two that are there for you no matter what. Real friends are hard to come by these days as some last only for a season.


Never play games when it comes to love. You could very well mess up the chance to have a happily ever after with a great catch. If you love someone, let them know and treat them right.

Opportunity to learn from mistakes

Try, try again.

Second chances are truly a blessing because they allow us to edit and correct the process in order to get it right.


This one might sound silly but is very important. Your happiness will determine your satisfaction with life. Those who go through the motions without joy are really missing out. Sure you’ll have ups and downs, but ultimately, happiness should be mandatory.


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Remember how nothing is ever guaranteed? That also includes tomorrow. Live in the now by celebrating today. We should all count our blessings when it comes to each day we have.



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