How to tell if she has had sex with someone else

For me, it may not matter, but apparently it does for you if you are reading this now.
Are there ways to check if she has been faithful to you without asking directly ? Yes, there are.

There are plenty of men insanely jealous of their women and wondering if they have cheated or not. And why does she bit return straight home after work and why is she smiling at that guy. Mind you, I have once witnessed a situation where a friend of mine did not even smiled at a woman, he only exchanged glances with her and that guy was about to knock him down. So if you are that kind of a guy I feel sorry for you, because when she sees you are not sure of her she will sooner or later leave you or at least you will lose her respect. But this is your problem. I have had myself a lot of strange situations with men and their women, or women who they were just intending to pick up and failed.
I assume that you are a normal guy so I am just going to give a few hints and your mind can make use of that like a Sherlock Holmes.
There are physical and psychological methods. The psychological one is the easiest to use, but then you’d have to ask directly and you guess from her reaction to the question. And what response means what? I hope you will learn this soon from Adept.

I will describe specific neurolinguistic methods to detect if someone is lying or not. The simplest one is to check where her eyes are directed when she is asked. Note that when you ask your woman for something that requires recalling some events of the past her gaze falls to a specific direction. It depends on whether she is right or left handed. Her eyes can therefore wander to the top-right or top-left. If you want to determine that first, ask if she remembers an event from the past, for example, if her friend wore pink high heeled shoes to the party. And you must watch exactly at the time when the question is asked, not even a minute later. Now ask her some made up question, for example, if she has already thought about her dream dress to wear to her Aunt’s birthday. Then her eyes may turn to the opposite direction.

This way you will always know when she is lying or telling the truth.

This method works the same on you so she also can check when you get carried away by your imagination…
I know two physical methods. One of them involves smell but can be used after a long separation. If a woman has had had many partners you can simply smell it. The vaginal mucus contains a certain
substance that is has odour similar that of decaying fish. If a woman has many partners pH of the vagina is out of balance and one can smell it. It is not without a reason that sometimes in the literature one can encounter the definition: she smells like a harbour whore, etc. Nothing can be done about it so if your woman goes to Egypt for two weeks and then returns with that smell… well, she went a bit crazy during her holiday.
Another may not be super reliable or effective, but if you concentrate you will notice the difference. This difference is whether the vagina is tight or wide.
If you have sex with her every day you will not notice that, but if you do it every five days as an average spouse you can see the difference. Unless she has totally loose muscles inside and, as nicely put in Kamasutra, she is an elephant woman and you practically do not feel that you are inside.
So if you have sex once every five days, after the previous intercourse her vagina gets shorter and tightens up. When you enter you feel resistance at the beginning even if you had a long foreplay. For the first 10 seconds her vagina needs to adapt to the shape and size of your penis. However, if after a five-day break you go in easily like a finger sinking in batter and it used to be different you have some grounds to suspect her of cheating. But then you should check your findings with better methods, including those described here. Such observation is just thought-provoking but is not a decisive proof. She may just have been using her favorite vibrator or another banana. In the article on how to check if she has had an orgasm I wrote about the fact that 70% of women never have had an orgasm during intercourse. So if you don’t take care of her properly, don’t blame her she wants to try something else. Women love sex just as men do, so I just try to give her more fun and she will not seek experience elsewhere.
I have read about results of DNA paternity tests that showed that even every 3rd child born in a marriage has a biological father other than the husband. When I recall the source I’ll let you know. So, gentlemen, take it easy. Sometimes it is better to turn a blind eye on certain things.




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