How far you should go for the woman you love.

How is far is too far in perusing a lady of your dreams. It is common knowledge that ladies were born with defensive mechanisms that make them build impregnable walls around their hearts that it takes a man of divine wisdom, skills and talent to penetrate. In this case such a man is NTV Reporter Solomon Serwanja.

A Celebrated News Anchor with NTV Uganda, Solomon Serwanja walked down the aisle with the Love of His life Vivian Nakaliika  But was it as Rosy as it appeared on their reception at J & M hotel, certainly not.
As we all know that character cannot be developed through ease and quiet but through trial, the number of “take twos” he had to endure to get a news report right strengthened his spirit that he successful transplanted that knowledge into the arena of dating.

Despite the numerous “Nos” from Vivian, to him it was try again (take two) as it is in News Reporting. And on every occasion, a new strategy emerged to the point that the Berlin like wall around Vivian’s heart was finally broken as it was evidenced during the time for vows at All Saints Cathedral Kampala last Saturday

So what is the catch here for the single men?

  1. When a man loves a woman, he distinctively sees her while forsaking all others and focusing his energy and intellect to her. You cannot break the Berlin wall without focus.
  2. When a man loves a woman, he takes a “no” for “try harder”. You cannot break the Berlin wall with only one hammer swing
  3. When a man loves a woman, he keeps devising ways to appear special to her. You cannot break the Berlin wall with only a hand hammer(phone calls) , a sledge Hammer(Outings) is equally important
  4. When a man loves a woman, despite the woman being Goliath like (Hard to Conquer) he still believes in the David inside Him. You cannot break the Berlin Wall without the David Spirit Inside you
  5. And finally when a man loves a woman, He walks her down the aisle as Solomon Serwanja did. After the breaking the Berlin wall. It is jubilation time. You have to walk over the rubble into the Promised Land.

In conclusion “victory without risk is like triumph without glory”. To win the woman of your dreams, risk is inevitable for the higher the risk the bigger the reward. Go for the very best and don’t settle for mediocrity, at times the wall might seem a little bit hard to break, but hang on while examining the tools you are using to break the wall, you might be using a hand hammer only and it might be time to engage the sledge Hammer but little by little, the wall will finally crumble down.
But even when all the attempts have surely proved futile, the good news is we serve a God of Abundance. Out there lays the one who will surely be worth your effort and love.
And when it is finally over, tears of joy will be inevitable as it will be a battle well fought and well won.

From us at, we wish Solomon Serwanja and the love of his life a  blissful Marriage





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