Scientific Ways To Heal Yourself With Sex..

Sex can do a lot more than just make you feel good. Heal yourself with sex and you can double your pleasure and possibly live longer.

Even Out Your Menstral Cycles

Wish your period was easier to follow? Regular sex can even them out (as long as your doctor can assure you through a checkup that nothing else is wrong).

Cure Your Headache

It may work better than painkillers for an average headache.

Bring Down Your Stress Levels

Have a tough week at work? Schedule some intimate time even if you’re tired. Sex can do just as good a job of bringing down your stress levels as a calming bath or a yoga session.

Lower Your Blood Pressure

Sex doesn’t just help you relax. It can bring down your blood pressure levels (after the vigorous activity is over).

Soothe Your Symptoms

When you’re under the weather, sex can be the last thing on your mind. But a few minutes under the sheets can actually give your sympathetic nervous system a boost to help relieve most of your symptoms.

Boost Your Immune System

Come down with a little something every time the weather changes? Get a little busier as fall swings around? Steady sex once or twice a week keeps your immune system functioning at its best.

Improve Your Workouts

Post-workout sex is amazing. When your blood flow is pumping, your pleasure zones go off the charts. And I can’t think of a better reason to get to the gym.

Boost Your Mood

Sex increases your endorphins, which boosts your mood — especially if you have sex in the a.m.

Get Your Exercise On In Bed

Sex provides more of a workout than researchers previously thought. Getting busy can actually burn as much as 2/3 of the energy as time spent on the treadmill.

Improve Your Relationship Health

Sex doesn’t just fix your physical health. The stress-reducing hormones released after you both have an orgasm make pillow talk the best time to talk about tricky issues in your relationship.

Relieves Minor Aches And Pains

Headaches aren’t the only pain a good orgasm can alleviate. Minor aches and pains like cramps can be banished by a little action in the sack.

Look Younger

Up to seven years younger. If that won’t make you feel better (in addition to all of the sex you’ll be having four times a week), I don’t know what will.

Improve Your Heart Health

Several studies suggest that the more orgasms you have in your lifetime, the lower your risk of developing heart disease or having a stroke or heart attack.

Help Yourself Get To Sleep

You may not get off quite as quickly as he does, but over time, regular orgasms before bed can make it easier for you to get to sleep.

What Happens When You’re Flying Solo?

No problem-o. Almost all of these benefits are related to orgasms, whether you have them on your own or with the help of somebody else!



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