No woman wants to hear that they are aging too fast.Beauty has been the defining role that women have been thrown into in our modern society of airbrushed models and cosmetically enhanced socialite stars.

Here are 10 warning signs for women that you are prematurely aging:

1.  Dry mouth. 

Dry mouth can foretell possible underlying conditions that can cause you to age faster.  Salvia also can alert you to dehydration.  Make sure you are staying sufficiently hydrated with clean, pure, filtered water.

2.  Dry eyes. 

I have found that dry eyes have little to do with moisture content of your body, but more of the oil content.  As we age, we tend to lose our natural oils and need them replaced.  Think of the tin man in the Wizard of Oz.  Make sure you are taking plenty of fish oils (Calamari oil is one of the best), coconut oils, and reduce your consumption of vegetable oils, canola oil and even olive oil.

3.  Crease in your earlobe. 

This crease tends to show up when your arteries have become thickened.  Get very serious about juicing and eating a super clean diet that is mostly made up of fruits and vegetables.

4.  Clumsiness. 

If you find yourself off balance a lot, this should alert you to the fact that one or more of your body systems is aging too quickly.  Strengthen your core through serious yoga practice.

5.  Knee Pain (behind the knee). 

This is an indication of your blood vessels and fluid balance in your body.  Make sure you are properly hydrated with water (other liquids do not count) and begin an exercise program like gentle rebounding.

6.  Lack of sleep. 

When your body is not functioning properly, it often shows in your ability to get to sleep or get restful sleep.  Exercise during the day helps with sleep at night and so does increasing the oil intake for your brain and taking magnesium along with a supplement like GABA to help with your serotonin.

7.  Thinning hair. 

If your hair is thinning and falling out faster than it should, you could have thyroid problems or hormonal problems.  When you combine that with seeing those little gray hairs, this could mean an underlying kidney disturbance.  Weakened kidneys are a sign of aging.  Make sure that you take up stress reduction techniques.

8.  Dry skin and uneven skin tone. 

The skin is just a mirror to what is going on internally.  Treat your skin with natural products and practice good skin hygiene morning and evening.  The skin is reflected by your colon and liver so consider alternative ways to detox and make these organs stronger.

9.  Being overweight. 

While fat often makes people look plumper in the skin and masking wrinkles, it also sets you up for a whole host of aging type of diseases like diabetes.  Check out weight watchers for a diet that works.

10.  Depression. 

Depression is a sign of unhealthy aging.  Give your brain healthy supplements like fish oils and coconut oils and avoid alcohol.  Get real with yourself and what you are unhappy with in your life.  Make the changes so you can be happy once again.  While it might be scary, the rewards are priceless.



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