What to learn from the Wedding Expo 2015

I have to admit it was a memorable experience for the wedding wolf team attending the wedding expo 2015 at UMA grounds. There were very many exhibitors at the event. But these are some of the top exhibitors we selected.

Hapily Ever After

They did not just turn up but also exhibited extremely high class gowns at affordable prices. The team was very welcoming and they showed they knew their brands when it came to selling. You can check out their profile at: www.theweddingwolf.com/app/user/HappilyEverAfter

Katende Photography

We were able to check out his stand and share in some of his exra-ordinary and memorable experience. So visit his profile and see what he has to offer:www.theweddingwolf.com/app/…/KatendeMuhammad-Photography

The list will be continued…..



Real Weddings

Salma Sandra's Nikka via mikolo