Things To Do The Morning After A One-Night Stand

You’re single, and you’re on the prowl with your friends on a Friday night out. You meet a hot potential one-night-stand at the bar, you find yourself having casual conversation and a drink that turns into laughter and some more drinks, and eventually you’re dancing with each other and saying, “Let’s get out of here.” Throughout this entire spontaneous and exciting night, you don’t tend to hold back, and maybe that’s exactly what you need at the time.

With a flirtatious night that leads you back to their place, the last thing on your mind is how the next morning will be. In the moment, you find yourself feeling as if you’ve known this person for months while chatting, laughing, and dancing away with them, and then the next morning will most likely be soberly…awkward. Here are some ways to prepare your-self for the morning after a one night stand:

1.Laugh it off: The best way to handle an awkward situation, like waking up next to someone you’ve only known for a couple of hours, is to just laugh it off. If you get up awkwardly and frantically, you’ll probably embarrass yourself and the person in bed next to you. Just remember that they’re in the same position as you, so they’ll most likely just join in on the laughter. After all, one night stands are supposed to be fun.

2.Sneak away: You don’t owe it to your one night stand to stay and thank them for a nice night or to make them breakfast. The best part of a one night stand is that you don’t ever have to see them again if you so choose. Make the perfect exit by quietly crawling out of bed early in the morning and have either a cab or a friend pick you up. If you want to see that person again, but also want to make a quick escape, leave your name and number on a piece of paper next to their pillow.

3. Keep it casual: The one mistake is having expectations the morning after a one night stand. Don’t expect the other person who was so sweet to you the night before, to woo you the next morning, too. It’s better to just accept that it was a casual hook-up so that you won’t get upset or feel offended. If you’re in the right mindset and on the same page as the other person, then you’ll leave with no regrets.

4. Tell her you have an “afternoon appointment” Unless she’s already bailed before you open your weary, hungover eyes, take timing into your own hands. Inform her of your late-afternoon get together with your fellow man friends, and yawnnn you should really get up and shower. You’re not a douche — you’re busy! It helps us avoid an awkward situation, too. (Can we just go home and brush our teeth without looking like we don’t dig you. We really just want take out our contacts and stuff.) If she has already begun putting on her clothes while mumbling something about ibuprofen, this line is not needed.

What are some other ways to handle the morning after a one night stand? Share your thoughts below on our comment box . . .



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