Ebonies Boss Katende’s Daughter Marries a Cleaner

There are so many clichés that we had heard about love clichés like love is blind, love knows no boundaries, love doesn’t ask why and many more and many a times we long to see how true these clichés can be

Everyone can agree that the reasons as to why people marry are as numerous as the people getting married better put the reason as to why we get attracted to certain people vary from individual to individual

It is indeed for the fact that a Wedding is an event which probably lasts for hours whoever a marriage is for as long as we are alive , thereby the choice of whom to marry is greatly important.
So then who do we marry for ? Do we marry to impress the world outside us and not the one inside us? Do we marry certain people due to public sentiments? Do we marry certain people to uphold the dignity of our families even when we don’t like them? Is our personal happiness way greater than the happiness of those around us? Questions like these call for bold answers

With that background, City Tycoon and Ebonies Boss Mr Katende had his daughter the one Babirye Katende married to their former cleaner at Aristoc Book Shop. A lady well educated as a Lawyer marrying someone who once used to clean the floor she used to walk on. Well sometimes some things beat conventional wisdom and any attempt to understand the chemistry of attraction leaves us spellbound. Well to many the title “cleaner” is associated to people who are way below the social ladder and the image in mind is a person who literally has their entire life and future confined in wiping the floor. This has thus caused a hullaballoo with some people cursing and not even in position to imagine any of their children trending such a road.

The interesting question is Do we marry people’s pasts or do we marry people’s presents as well as the future they envision? That question is rhetoric and i leave it to the reader to contemplate on it. I believe that this being a journey they are to walk together, a journey which may not be rosy all way through, but is rather worth trekking with someone you love for even when the whirl winds of adversity come your way, in that incorruptible spirit of love, solace shall be sought. The fact that I believe people marry for themselves and not for their parents worse off for the general public,I believe their individual happiness is way greater than anyone else.

Former to me means past, “We are a product of our past but not a slave to it”. When people find love, they have surely found a great thing. The power of love is way greater than any mind can contemplate, Cords of love cannot easily be broken. For when people find that perfect match, then opinions of others surely negative to it are secondary (not worth worrying about). From us at theweddingwolf.com, we wish the newlyweds a great marriage as their love leads the way



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