Bloody Wedding Disasters and What to Learn From Them

As much as you would like to believe that everything will work out perfectly as planned on your wedding day, unexpected wedding disasters sometimes do occur. Despite all the time you spent on wedding planning, something may go wrong. The best you can do is to learn from other people’s experiences and always have a plan B. 

Here are some wedding disasters that we can all learn from.

  1. The double-booked vendor

What happens when a photographer you booked 6 months prior bails out a month before the wedding date? Your calls are going unanswered and the emails are not responded. Some good wedding vendors will find you someone else to offer the service at the same price and package deals. But how well do you trust that recommended vendor considering you don’t have adequate time to research about them?

Lesson Learnt: Be on the look-out for vendors who are not responding to your calls or communicating a month before your wedding day. You should spot some of these problems early enough and start looking for a plan B.

  1. The con-man

Wedding couples are being scammed everyday especially online. Whether it’s by buying a gown online and receiving a different one or making payments to non-existent vendors, the stories are real and happen to the best of us.

Lesson Learnt: Before buying a dress online always read reviews and do thorough research on the retailer and make sure real brides have had positive experiences with that online store.

  1. The fights

Emotions are likely to run high when planning the wedding especially since money is involved. You need to be ready to deal with the family drama even disagreements with your partner days leading up to the wedding.

Lesson Learnt: Understand that it’s perfectly normal to have some disagreements and cool off. Talk about it after some time.

  1. The hard-to-reach wedding planner

It’s easy for a planner to be there for you 6 months prior to your wedding date. But when things get complicated, some planners can be difficult to get in touch with. It becomes hard to plan for anything when you can’t reach your planner. Some of them even emit the details you requested weeks before the wedding just to get everything over and done with.

Lesson Learnt: Be very keen to notice signs of an unaccommodating planer at the initial stages of wedding planning. You need to work with someone you feel you can always trust.

  1. Unreliable hair/makeup stylist

You’d wonder why many brides will start looking for a hair stylist and makeup expert a few weeks before the wedding. You know it’s never easy finding someone who knows how to do your hair and makeup just the way you want it done. So don’t start looking on the last minute.

Lesson Learnt: Have a stylist, months before the wedding and a plan in place in case the one you booked becomes unavailable.

  1. Lack of an actual guest count

When you don’t have an exact figure of how many people will come to your wedding, planning can get tough. You’ll have additional guests who you hadn’t accounted for. Seating will also be an issue and create last minute panic.

Lesson Learnt: Get the average number of guests expected to attend right. Ask guests to RSVP- confirm attendance or simply have a card-only wedding.

  1. The weather disaster

Bad weather on the wedding day is nothing new. Yes, the wind can blow off all your beautiful décor if you’re having a garden wedding. So many things can go wrong and that’s why you need to plan well.

Lesson Learnt: Have a tent for your guests if the reception is outdoors and choose décor that isn’t blown easily. Watch out for the weatherman’s advice.

  1. Wardrobe malfunctions

Whether your shoes are just too tight, you are allergic to your wedding jewelry or any other form of wardrobe malfunction; you need to devise a plan B so that none of these issues end up preventing you from having the time of your life. Wardrobe malfunctions can steal all the fun and confidence, you’ll slowly be wishing for the day to be over.

Lesson Learnt: Have flip flops to wear in case the heels are too much and a sewer on standby in case something gets ripped.

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