My Wife’s First Experience Was On Our Honeymoon

Our wedding lasted into the late hours… wife and I were so exhausted that when we got to the motel we collapsed in bed and went right to sleep.  We had an early flight the next day to our honeymoon destination.

We woke up the next morning and drove to the airport.  We borded our plane and headed off on our LONG trip to Hawaii.  My wife slept for a few hours but I couldnt – too excited. We were both started drinking 1/2 way thru the flight.  By the time we arrived we were both feeling pretty good (semi-drunk).

The hotel limo picked us up at the airport.  When we got into the limo it must have been obvious to the driver that we were feeling no pain.  We told him we were here on our honeymoon and that we just got married. He started joking and having fun with us and even asked me if we had consummated our marriage.  We both laughed and said no explaining we were too tired after our wedding.  He kidded me about not being man enough and saying how he wouldnt be able to keep his hands of a pretty wife like mine no matter how tired we were.  And then said, “you know, you arent really OFFICALLY married until you have sex” – we both giggled again.

When we got to the hotel he was very gracious and worked hard for his tip.  He brought our bags to our room and mentioned they had a great club in the hotel if we want to get changed he would take us to the club and get us in without paying the cover.  He waited for us and said he would make us drinks at the bar in our room (we had a honeymood suite).

My wife grabbed a dress and went into the bathroom.  I changed in the bedroom out in the open with him there.  I’m generally shy but since I had been drinking I didnt try to cover up.

As he was mixing us drinks I looked over and noticed he was looking toward the bathroom.  As I looked over I noticed the door was open slightly but enough for him to have a perfect view into the bathroom.  My wife was only wearing the skimpy lace panties that I bought for her for our honeymoon and finishing putting on makeup.  I moved toward the door but by that time she was slipping the dress over her head and down her body.  I know he got a view of her entire body while mixing the drinks.

He made us very strong vodka drinks and said we could bring them with us to the club. As we entered the elevator to go down he pushed the button for 1st floor and watched as he stairted at my wifes butt as she turned around to face the elevator doors.  She looked over at him and smiled and then downed the entire drink.  It was obvious my wife was feeling no pain and was up for having a fun night.

We went into the club and it was rocking.  The bar had great vibes and was crowded.  We walked she said she wanted another drink so I told I would get her one.  The bar was packed and 3 deep so I had to wait for service.  My wife went right to the dance floor and started dancing (she loves to dance).  I watched her dancing and an older guy approached her started dancing with her.  At first there was some distance between them but he moved closer as they continued.  The next song started and he put had his hands on my wifes waist as she rocked back and forth – both of them were smiling.  At first I was a little pissed but was also getting turned as I watched.

Because of the crowd, it took me over 5 mins to get the drinks. I continued to wait and watch.  A slow song came on and my wife, responding to his touchies, she began doing the same.  She put her hands around around him and watched her grab his butt then move her hands up around his neck.  The slow song ended as I got 2 drink and I walked over to them with drinks in hand.  my wife smiled, said thanks, and introduced me to Bob.  Bob said he had a table with some friends and asked if we wanted to join them.  Without hestation my wife answered “yes.”

At the table, there were 2 other couples with Bob – all of them were good friends.  Bob and the other couples were in their late 40s / early 50s and lived in Hawaii (moved from California).  My wife and I were both 21 (from small town outside of Philadelphia).  Bob introduced us to the other couples and we sat down.  My wife told everyone that we had just gotten married and were on our honeymoon.  Bob congradulated us and ordered a round of drinks for along with shots.  I was already pretty drunk and told Bob that I didn’t really want a shot but he insisted.  My wife was also very drunk but seemed to be handling it better than me – probably because she slept for almost 1/2 of the flight.

As we talked with everyone we we learned that Bob had reciently lost his wife to breast cancer .  I could see my wife felt bad for him as he told a heart wrenching story about her last days and how much he missed her.  The shots arrived and everyone toasted us for our honeymoon.  Bob asked my wife to dance and she said yes.  I sat at the table and talked with the other couples while watching Bob and my wife.  They were having fun and got right into touching each other agaain.  I excused myself from the table and went to the bathroom. On my way back to the table, I felt dizzy and was staggering as I walked back because I was so drunk.  Bob noticed and helped me to my chair.  He looked at my wife and said we better get him back to your room.  Bob almost had to carry me to the elevator.  As we got into the elevator he propped me against the wall – I don’t really remember anything else.

I woke up in our honeymoon suite – the room was spinning and my head was pounding.  I could hear noises as I was trying to figure out where I was.  I was still in my clothes, my shoes were on the floor and I was lying on the couch across from our round honeymoon bed.  My head was spinning and as i looked around the room and tried to focus.  I then recognized the sound of one of the noises and realized it was my wife.  I looked toward the bed and noticed a 1/2 empty bottle of vodka on the floor beisde the bed.  My wifes sexy white lace panties and dress were on the floor next to the bottle vodka along with bob’s boxers, shirt and shorts.  One of the lights on the dresser was on and I could see 2 drinks on the dresser.  Both sliding glass doors were open and i could feel the warm tropical breezes flowing thru the room.

As I looked at the bed I saw Bob on his knees and my wifes legs over his shoulders.  Beads of sweat were rolling down Bob’s back – so it was obvoius they had been having sex for a while.  He had his hands on her hips and was pulling her up and down on his ****. I then heard a sound that I recognized only when i’ve been between my wifes legs – the sound of her having an ******.  But this time something about the sound was different – it was more intense – almost primal.  As I watched her ****** her legs and body were shaking uncontrollably from an incredible, multiple ****** – waves of pleasure were surging thru her body and it seemed to go on and on.  Bob had his hands on her hips and was holding her tight against him as she orgasmed over and over.  During her ****** I saw Bobs body tense, then his muscular *** cheeks began to flex, as he approached an ******.  He then grunted, almost animalistic, and he orgasmed inside of my wife – she continued to ****** the entire time Bob was having his ****** – both ******* together.

After a moment Bob collapsed on top of my wife, and I could hear them passionatly kissing.  He then rolled off of her – lying next to her on the bed.   My wife looked over at the couch and I closed my eyes like I was asleep.  Bob said “don’t worry about him – he’s out.”  Convinced I was asleep, she put her head on Bob’s chest.  Bob reached over to the night table, picked up the drinks , gave one to my wife and he took the other.  They relaxed on the bed and finished their drinks.

After finishing their drinks, my wife kissed her way down Bob’s body, then took his **** in her hand, raised it up.  I was floored at the size of it – he was was enormous – it looked like he was at least 9″ ( I should mention that i’m just the opposite of Bob – barely 4″ hard).  I watched as her hand went up and down his shaft – her eyes stairing at his **** and it was obvious she desired Bob’s **** again.  Her head moved toward his **** and I watched as she opened her mouth and saw the head of Bob’s **** disappear inside of my wifes mouth.  She attempted to go down on him the same way she did with me but couldn’t get not even 1/2 way down his shaft before she began gagging.  She gave up on trying to deep throat him (something she can do easily with me) and just worked on his head.

Bob was rock hard and his **** was standing straight up.  My wife then moved toward Bob and prepared to ride Bob .  As she moved across the bottom of the bed and spread her legs, I saw a huge glob of Bobs *** (from his previous ******) run out of her and on to the sheets – she was already full of his *** but wanted more.   She grabbed his **** with 1 hand and squatted over him and began to lower herself onto his ****.  As she did, she gasped, put her hands on his chest, arched her back, threw her head back and continue to lower herself onto Bob.  She then moved up slowly, as she raised up I saw Bob’s **** and it was soaked from my wifes wetness.  Bob then reached up and grabbed her breasts as she began moving up and down.  From my view, I could see her *****, it was amazing how swollen it looked and how tight and stretched it was around Bob’s huge ****.

My wife rode him up and down, and every once in a while she would sit all the way down on him and grind. The grinding became longer and each time Bob was all the way in her she would moan and breath heavier – it was obvious she was  moving toward another ******.  She rode Bob for at least 10 minutes – I was amazed at his stamina (I would have *** 9 minutes earlier).  Finally I saw her sit on Bob again started grinding but much harder and faster, she then let out a LOUD gasp, arched her back and threw back her head violently and said “oh my god”, then started bucking her hips as she approached another ******.  Bob moved his hands from her breasts to her hips and he said “*** for me “- and she did, almost on queue.   Her whole body started ******* again in waves, her body was shaking uncontrollably, as she gasped for air and yelled “****” .  As she was ******* Bob sat up and grabbed her and held on.  She threw her arms around his neck, he supported her as she orgasmed on his huge ****.  I watched Bob’s eyes close and he bit down on her shoulder, pulled her tighly against him and grunted again,  even louder this time and pumped again into my wifes body.

They finshed and collapsed on to the bed holding each other.  I watched as they continued to breath heavy, kissing and touching each other , sweat glistening from their bodies.  Bob remained inside of her for some time as they stroked each others hair and continued to kiss.  After a few minutes Bob pulled out of my wife and I heard a sound, sounded something like a cork popping from a bottle of wine, as his **** came out of my wife – she giggled.

After holding each other for about 1/2 hr Bob got up and walked naked acroos the room into the bathroom.  The sound of him ******* loudly reverberated thoughout the room.  He walked back and sat on the edge of the bed next to my wife.  He grabbed his boxers from the floor and pulled them up his legs and put them on.  He told her that it was time for him to leave and that he would be back at the bar again the next night.  He then told my wife “I don’t want to be here when your husband finds out that I “broken in and loosened up” his new bride” – they both laughed.  He leaned over gave my wife a long passionate kiss.  As he was leaving he reached down and grabbed my wifes sexy lace white panties (that I bought for her for our honeymoon),  put them up to his nose, breathed in deeply smelling her scent, twirled them around his finger, put them in his pocke and said “see you” and left with her panties.

About an hour later I got up from the couch and crawded into bed.  My wife was naked and in a deep sleep. I moved closer to her and felt something wet against my calf and realized it the *** from Bob had ooozed from my wifes *****.  I slid the sheet down to expose her beautify body – her ***** looked red and was puffy (swollen).  Her pubic hair was matted against her body, stiff from Bob’s dried ***.  The bed smelled like sex and I could smell Bobs scent and cologne in the pillows.

I looked at the rear of her shoulder and noticed that Bob had put a small hickie on her as they were embraced during their last ******.  Since my wife was wearing mostly small strapped tops, the hickie was visible during our entire honeymoon – I’m sure everyone thought it was from me.

I layed next to my wife and put my hands on her body.  She was in a deep sleep and didnt move.  I began to kiss my way down her naked body – still no movement.  As I went lower on her body Bob’s scent became stronger.  I moved between her legs, and she began to move as I positioned my face to begin giving her oral sex.   I moved toward her vagina and she tried to stop me at first but I pushed my head between her legs and licked the outside of her vagina.  I have always been great at giving her oral sex – it is the only sex we had given each other prior to our wedding.  As I continued to lick the outside of her vagina and around her clitoris she stopped struggling, opened her legs – allowed me access to her.  I looked up and her eyes were closed, her nipples are errect, and she was biting her lower lip as my tongue moved around her clitoris.  My chin was touching the sheets and resting in a wet spot where some of Bob’s *** has leaked from her.  I continued to lick the outside of her ***** and was amazed at how stong Bobs scent was on my wife.  As I licked her I moved my tongue down and then inserted it into her vagina.  My tongue easily went inside of her vagina.  As I probed deeper into her vagina with my tongue a huge glob of Bob’s *** oooozed onto my tongue.  She could feel it happening and tensed up for a moment – probably waiting for a reaction from me.   I swallowed hard and the large glob of *** went down my throat.  She heard me swallow hard and I felt her loosen up again as I continued to the inside of her vagina.  I contined to taste the fluids from Bob and her lovemaking.  When her vagina no longer leaked Bob’s ***, I moved my tongue back to her clitoris.  As I did she started breathing harder and within seconds she orgasmed.  The oral ****** I gave her wasn’t nearly as intense or nearly as long as the ******* she had with Bob.

After her ****** she rubbed my head and within 30 seconds feel asleep again.  I moved up beside her and covered her naked body with the thin bedsheet.   I took off my clothes and had only my bikini underwear on.  I cleaned up the room before going back to bed – I hung her dress in the closet, cleaned her and Bob’s drink glasses, put the vodka bottle back in the bar.  I put 2 glasses of water on each bedstand along with an advil assuming she would be hung over in the morning.   I ordered room service (breakfast) to be delivered at 9am and hung the order on the door.

I then went into the bathroom and *********** – I orgasmed within 30 seconds.  I cleaned myself up and climbed into bed next to my sleeping wife.

We woke up the next morning to a knock on the door – it was the room service.  My wife was still sleeping so I got up and opened the door and let the room service guy in.  He said good morning and placed the breakfast on the table across the room from our bed.  I saw him glance at the bed and then realized the sheet had moved down when I got out of bed and my wife’s breasts were exposed for him.  At that point I didn’t even try to hide it – I tipped him and he said thanks and left.  I then woke my wife and said I had ordered breakfast. She was very hung over – I showed her the advil and water on the bedstand.  She grabbed the advil and drank the water and then went into the bathroom and put on her bikini bathing suit (without showering).

We then ate breakfast and went to the beach to work on our tan and sweat out our hangover.

After spending the day on the beach, we came back to our room and took a nap.  We then had dinner at a restraunt in the motel and we went back to the club where we met Bob again.  We drank again and the same thing happened where Bob and my wife danced.  After a few hours Bob took my wife up to the room again (alone) while I remained downstairs in the club with Bob’s friends.  They had sex for an hour or so then returned back to the club.  My wife had sex with Bob 3 of the 7 nights we were in Hawaii.  We didn’t consummate our marriage until 3 months after our marriage.

This happened many years ago on our honeymoon.  It was my wifes first sexual intercourse experience (we had only given each other oral sex leading up to our wedding).  When we were married we never heard terms like like cuckold, or swapping,sharing.  Eventually I brought up the sex with Bob and her and we openly discussed it.  I knew that deep down inside I would never be able to please my wife sexually or be a good enough lover for her.  We both agreed that it would be best if she had lovers outside of our marriage.  We had sex the first time 3 months after our wedding.  I watched out turned on and how she orgasmed with Bob and it was obvious that I could never provide that for her. So she took her next lover 6 months after our honeymoon.  During our 20+ yr marriage she had had over 60 lovers .  Our marriage would never have survived if it we didnt go this route because she would have probably cheated on me or left me.  In this arrangement, both of us are happy and we still love each other very much.

Our marriage is different from most and sex is something that we dont have in common…..every marriage has something where the wife/hubby do without each other – ours is sex.  My wife is happy and sexually satisfied – and if she’s happy, i’m happy!

This may not work for everyone but it does for us…………




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