A Homemade Recipe For a Happy Wife

The other day someone asked my husband a very interesting question. They said: “Your wife seems to smile all the time. How do you keep her so happy?” Now, he laughed at first, because he knows good and well there is no such thing as a wife who’s happy wife 24/7, but then he took a stab at giving them what he felt was a sufficient answer. He wants to post a video blog about what he said, so I’ll hold on going into it for now. However, I would like to share what I think the recipe for a happy wife is.

Wives, send this to the hubby if you agree. Men, listen up (even if you’re not married yet!). This is how my husband makes me happy — and as most of you can see, I smile a lot. Okay, let’s do this!

Ingredient List:

  • Love
  • Honesty
  • Support
  • Patience
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Joy
  • Faith
  • Sex

Begin with love. She’ll want your unconditionally, even on her worst days.
Trust in her and the decisions she makes with and for you and herself. No wife wants to feel like you’re suspicious of her thoughts and actions. If you want her trust you must give her yours.
Have faith in your marriage and your future together. Not believing in your success as a unite is the fastest way to put a frown on her wife.
Share your joy with her and make sure she has her own to share. A healthy relationship needs happiness as much as it needs love. Consider it the oxygen and water she’ll need to survive the hardest of days.
Respect her mind, her body, and her decisions. No woman who feels disrespected can truly let her light shine.
Be patient with her. No one is perfect – not even you – so don’t judge her more harshly than you would judge yourself. Mix the patience with the trust and the honesty and you will create a thick layer of communication within your marriage that she’ll depend on, appreciate and cherish.
Support her goals and dreams the way you would your own – all of them; from the big ones, like getting a degree or starting a new career, right on down to the small seemingly insignificant ones like saving up for a new pair or shoes or a ladies’ trip. Wives like to know that they’re on a winning team and winners support and love their teammates.
Be 100 percent honest with her, even when the truth will hurt. She’d rather hear how you really feel than to hear nothing at all; and she’d rather her your opinions from your mouth instead of someone else’s.
Make sex a priority in your marriage, too. She won’t always be in the mood for love, — it happens! – but she’ll notice a loveless marriage and it will not make her smile.




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