5 Best Marriage Proposal Ideas You Didn’t know

There are so many marriage proposal ideas shown in the media these days and you may think it is easy to plan one but it is never easy! Planning the perfect one for your perfect lady can be stressful. Feeling confused with where to pop the question? Your favorite restaurant is always a great choice. Not only is it intimate, but also a place that you already love. The restaurant will continue to hold good memories for you and your girlfriend as you pop the question and promise to embark on the journey of life together. Here are some ideas for you to pop the question to your sweetheart at your favorite restaurant.

Drop the ring in her wine glass

While you are at your favorite restaurant that seems to be just a casual, romantic dinner for no specific occasion, pretend to clumsily drop a napkin on the floor. While your sweetheart bends down to pick it up, swiftly drop the ring in her wine glass for a lovely surprise. When she looks back at the table and notices the ring in her glass, get down on one knee and pop the question.

Place the ring on her favorite dessert

Take your girlfriend to her favorite restaurant for dinner. Just before ordering dessert, excuse yourself and tell her that you need to use the restroom. Be very careful and sneaky as you approach a waiter or waitress instead and order your girlfriend’s favorite dessert. Have them place the ring on the dessert and prepare to pop the question when the dessert arrives at the table. Make sure that they bring the dessert once you return back at the table. Not only will she be speechless, she will be so pleasantly surprised at the thought that went into planning the perfect moment.

Surprise in the menu

Take your girlfriend to a restaurant that has a special memory for the two of you. Before you bring her there, prepare a special “menu” that the waiter or waitress will pass to your girlfriend. Have your proposal printed on the inside of that menu. Just as she opens it, get down on one knee and propose to her. This is very unassuming and will be a total surprise. Be calm, stay cool and enjoy the special moment. Being tense or nervous might show in your body language and have her suspect that something is out of the ordinary.

Alternatively, you could be subtler and prepare a menu that has your proposal as one of the options for the main course. Watch her carefully while she decides what to order. Once she has noticed it and is shocked at the sneaky surprise, get down on one knee and propose to her.

Decorate the dessert with your proposal

Make sure that you plan with the dessert chef for that evening beforehand to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the special night. Have the dessert chef decorate the dessert with the words “Will You Marry Me?” in chocolate sauce or icing and bring it to the table after an exquisite meal with your sweetheart.

Pretend to drop something on the floor

Instead of pretending to drop something on the floor and have her pick it up, you could bend down and pick it up. However, instead of getting back on the chair, prepare the ring, stay down on one knee and propose. You could do this just after dessert before the bill arrives. You could then celebrate with some champagne and possibly start making some calls to your family and friends about the wonderful news.

These are some great romantic ideas for you to pop the question to that special someone at your favorite restaurant. Good luck!



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